Realistically Building a Diet That You Can Stick To

Contrary to popular belief, diet really isn’t a four letter word. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up making it a four letter word simply because they fail to understand what a diet really is. In a nutshell, a diet is simply a way of eating, and everyone has a diet if you really look at it from this perspective. Some people have a better diet than others, but we all have a diet. So when it comes to building a better diet, you will need to make sure that you’re handling things as realistically as possible. You don’t want to think about following some sort of fad diet that’s popular — they never work, and you will end up breaking the diet sooner than later. Why? Well, these diets work in the short term because they’re based upon deprivation. The human mind is powerful, and you can end up using a diet like this to achieve short term gains. However, you will eventually begin craving the same foods that you used to eat, and this is where the weight gain will slowly return to you. That’s the last thing you want, right?

This is where you will need to stop and think about building a diet that you can really stick to. Thankfully, this isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

First and foremost, you will need to think about what type of weight loss goals you actually have. If you’re just trying to go for general health, the key is balance. There’s nothing that says you can’t have a bit of ice cream — but having ice cream three times a day is excessive. There’s no reason why you need to have that much ice cream, considering the number of calories, fats, and other items contained in today’s premium ice cream flavors.

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Effectively Managing Food Cravings

Everyone has experienced the feeling of a food craving. This type of craving is signified by a particular food; this feeling is in no way related to actual, physical hunger.   Usually, cravings are geared toward sweet foods or other types of foods that provide bodies with sugar like carbohydrates found in pasta and potato chips.

Human Biology

There is a biological reason behind most food cravings. So in order to effectively manage your own cravings, you need to learn a little background information about what spurs the overwhelming urge to eat when you are not even physically hungry–blood sugar levels.

When you feel run down, exhausted, or depressed, their body sparks a signal to its brain that tells it your blood sugar level is dipping too low and needs a fast pick-me-up. This manifests through undeniable cravings for carbohydrates and sugar that the body will utilize to create glucose.

Serotonin, which is a bodily hormone that boosts a human’s mood, works in direct relation to their blood glucose level. The less amount of serotonin in the body, the more the person will crave sugar. If you do submit to these food cravings, be aware that the carbohydrates and sugar you consume only release a meager amount of serotonin, causing cravings to quickly return.

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Why do we strive for a Weight loss!

The media portrayals have surely affected our ways of thinking and the standards of judging everything in life. In fact media is one of our socialization institutions. Our knowledge and awareness comes from this source. It develops our perceptions about numerous things. It affects and alters our perceptions and opinions without letting us know, most of the times. Among many concepts for which media have developed our perceptions is the concept of beauty. The media portrayals are always based on the smartness, perfection of body and attractive face features.

The men and women are shown on the television and other kinds of media with a body that is perfectly maintained. The normal and reality based physic and faces are not given any space which has developed our mind that the smartness and skinny body is what is desirable. So, every one is striving to adopt a body shape which is thought to be the desired one. The men and women start suffering depression and loose confidence in self if they fail to appear smart and well shaped. Admiration and confidence has been attached to the media portrayal of smartness.

Even the people who are healthy and do not need a weight loss strive to control their diet just to become slim. This usually results in weakness and loss of appetite. Usually such people start fasting and cutting meals which reduces the required necessary nutrition for our body.

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Taking Caution When Going on a Low Carb Diet

Lately the masses have been raving about the effectiveness of “low carb” and “no carb” diets. The reason for this is likely because of the diets’ abilities to produce instant desirable results. However, the truth about these diets is rather unpleasant, and for many reasons.

Firstly, carbohydrates provide us with energy that our bodies need in order to function healthily. A lack of carbs in the diet is potentially dangerous, while complete removal of carbs can prove serious risks to long term health.  Following are some of the risks involved in such diets.

Many low carb diets contain foods that are high in protein. Too much protein creates an excess of acids in the blood, so the body tends to draw calcium from the bones in order to counteract these acids. This is especially common in women, and is also a cause of osteoporosis, a disease that slowly reduces bone tissue mass.

Cutting carbohydrates from the diet usually means also cutting out most fruits, whole grains and vegetables because of their high carb content. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, the risk of several forms of cancer increases when these foods are not present in the body, especially if protein is highly present.

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How to Get the Abs You’ve Always Dreamed About

With modern day society being obsessed with looks and physical appearance, we would love to have the six-pack abs that are flaunted by just about everyone you see on TV. You might be spending countless hours exercising trying to achieve this, only to find that you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Re-evaluating your diet is just as vital as exercising when you are trying to attain or maintain physical perfection.

Crunches are one of the easiest exercises to perform, and get a lot of bad rap by exercise machine infomercials, diet pills, and fly-by-night exercise programs. However, if you double up your crunches you can get a better motion and a better muscle flex. To perform this, simply keep your knees at 90 degrees, pull up your shoulders (as you would normally during a single crunch rep), and pull your knees in while contracting your abs.

Find alternative exercises to help get other muscles in shape. This can be done by modifying your current exercises, looking on the Web, or even joining a gym. Keeping a plank position both on your sides and stomach is one of the best abdominal flexes you can do. They work every muscle in your abdomen and help stave off the dreaded love handles.

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