How to Get the Abs You’ve Always Dreamed About

With modern day society being obsessed with looks and physical appearance, we would love to have the six-pack abs that are flaunted by just about everyone you see on TV. You might be spending countless hours exercising trying to achieve this, only to find that you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Re-evaluating your diet is just as vital as exercising when you are trying to attain or maintain physical perfection.

Crunches are one of the easiest exercises to perform, and get a lot of bad rap by exercise machine infomercials, diet pills, and fly-by-night exercise programs. However, if you double up your crunches you can get a better motion and a better muscle flex. To perform this, simply keep your knees at 90 degrees, pull up your shoulders (as you would normally during a single crunch rep), and pull your knees in while contracting your abs.

Find alternative exercises to help get other muscles in shape. This can be done by modifying your current exercises, looking on the Web, or even joining a gym. Keeping a plank position both on your sides and stomach is one of the best abdominal flexes you can do. They work every muscle in your abdomen and help stave off the dreaded love handles.

In addition to just using the plank position, use a variety of plank exercises to work every possible muscle in your abdominal area. The plank superman is a perfect example of finding new ways to hold the plank position because you lift one arm and the opposite leg for four or five seconds, relax, then repeat using the other arm and leg, then relax again. Try doing this as many times as possible in an allotted time, or just overall.

Whenever beginning new exercises, always set a goal of reps to be completed before finishing.  Twenty reps is a good place to start because it can give you a base of where you are in terms of physical health, and you can build from there. This might be another reason why it seemed you were getting nowhere with endless workouts – you were not doing enough reps or working the right (enough) muscles.