Why do we strive for a Weight loss!

The media portrayals have surely affected our ways of thinking and the standards of judging everything in life. In fact media is one of our socialization institutions. Our knowledge and awareness comes from this source. It develops our perceptions about numerous things. It affects and alters our perceptions and opinions without letting us know, most of the times. Among many concepts for which media have developed our perceptions is the concept of beauty. The media portrayals are always based on the smartness, perfection of body and attractive face features.

The men and women are shown on the television and other kinds of media with a body that is perfectly maintained. The normal and reality based physic and faces are not given any space which has developed our mind that the smartness and skinny body is what is desirable. So, every one is striving to adopt a body shape which is thought to be the desired one. The men and women start suffering depression and loose confidence in self if they fail to appear smart and well shaped. Admiration and confidence has been attached to the media portrayal of smartness.

Even the people who are healthy and do not need a weight loss strive to control their diet just to become slim. This usually results in weakness and loss of appetite. Usually such people start fasting and cutting meals which reduces the required necessary nutrition for our body.

The weaknesses as such leave lasting effects on the health of a dieting person. Moreover, some people start using pills and natural remedies to reduce their weight which is not a sign of obesity rather it is a sign of fitness. It has been observed that unnecessary diet cut snatches away the freshness from the face and also affects the functionality of the mind. The energy level reduces to a dangerous level due to insufficient nutrition provided to the body.

This is mostly done be the women as they are more concern about their figure than the men. Well young boys are also increasingly becoming concerned with their body appearance for this the regular exercises and proper diet is taken mostly. The celebrities and the people of developed countries mostly use the weight loss pills just to be the perfect models and to appear as an icon on the television screen. All these factors are contributing in making people strive for loosing weight.